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If you are a responsible caring dog owner, there are many very good reasons to consider spaying and neutering your dog(s), and very few good reasons not to.

  • Prevents prostate and testicular cancer (dogs).

  • Prevents Pyometra, a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus, most commonly seen in unspayed bitches 6+ years of age.

  • Greatly reduces the rate of uterine and breast cancer (in bitches) when done before the first (or second) esterus cycle.

  • Reduces inter-male aggression (dogs).

  • Reduces dominance aggression towards people (dogs).

  • Reduces urinary "marking" (of vertical objects such as furniture.)

  • Reduces "mounting" behavior, and sexual frustration.

  • Reduces roaming.

  • Prevents false pregnacies (bitches).

  • Prevents unwanted litters. (It is truly amazing what some dogs will do in order to mate with a female dog who comes into "season". Some dogs will dig under fences to get to another dog, while some have even managed to mate through chain link fences!)

  • Prevents neighborhood dogs from camping outside your home waiting for the oppurtunity to mate with your female dog.

  • Keeps you from having to keep your dogs away from playing and socializing with other dogs for a total of six weeks each year.




Spay and Neuter Resources


    The Spayed Club
    P.O. Box 1145
    Frazer, PA 19355
    (610) 275-7486

    "Their upcoming site will offer educational information regarding the importance of spaying and neutering, and the pet overpopulation problem. Since June 1990, The Spayed Club, along with participating veterinarians, has helped to spay/neuter over 10,000 dogs and cats."







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