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Try stuffing a kong with peanut butter when putting your dog in the crate.

Clicker Training
Two clicker-trained puppies doing a


Click and Treat Home Page
(Gary Wilkes)

Click and Treat Training --
Dog Owners Guide

Clicker-Trained Winners
(Karen Pryor)

Doggone Good! -- Innovative Products

The Sound Leash --
Another Conditioned Reinforcer

If you are looking for an alternate non-verbal conditioned reinforcer (besides the good ol' Clicker) for teaching and reinforcing commands, tricks and other desirable behaviors, you might try the Sound Leash. Like the Clicker, it uses exclusively positive reinforcement.

Teaching Your Dog To Heel With A Clicker
(Morgan Spector)

Both of the adorable eleven-week old Westie pups featured on this page were clicker-trained, and respond enthusiastically to the "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Recall", "Controlled Walking", and "Heel" commands.


Clicker Training & Operant Conditioning Resources


A Dog and A Dolphin
Author: Karen Pryor
(Sunshine Books)

Behavior Modification In Applied Settings
Alan Kazdin, PhD

The Culture Clash
Author: Jean Donaldson
(James & Kenneth Publishers)

Dog Tricks -- Step By Step
Author: Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse & Jan Walker

Don't Shoot The Dog
Author: Karen Pryor
(Sunshine Books)

Excel-erated Learning
Author: Pamela Reid, PhD

Lads Before the Wind
Author: Karen Pryor
(Sunshine Books)


Click! -- Don't Shoot The Dog Seminar Highlights
Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes
(Sunshine Books & Videos)

Clicker Magic!
Karen Pryor
(Sunshine Books & Videos)

Click 'n' Treat Kit
Gary Wilkes

On Target!
Gary Wilkes

Shaping Building Behavior with Positive Reinforcement
Karen Pryor
(Sunshine Books & Videos)

Take A Bow Wow!
Broitman & Lippman


The Clicker Journal
Corally Burmaster, Editor
20146 Gleedsville Rd.
Leesburg, VA 20175

Photographs by Andrea Sterling
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