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Previous Awards and Reviews
CNN's Site Seer Review:
Fetching an Obedient Dog from the Web

Review: "American Dog Trainers' Network site offers up several thorough articles on topics ranging from curbing aggression in dogs, to selecting a dog trainer, to realistic tips for training Rex... One of the most practical and useful topics covered involves teaching dogs to become good canine car passengers -- particularly important for those of us who see our car as our second-best friend (after Rover, of course). If you work full-time or are frequently away from home, you'll find the tips for hiring a trustworthy and qualified dogsitter very useful. If you don't discover the answers to your doggie difficulties, go ahead and call the Canine Resource and Referral Helpline. When I called, the pleasant counselor provided constructive ideas to help my dog stop his mouthing behavior."

-- D. Freydkin, CNN Interactive
The Site -- Points of View --
Guido's Picks for Dogs On The Web (Sal and Stef, MSNBC TV)

"... You will be treated to an extensive, reader-friendly primer on what dog training is, and the many ways in which it is pursued... Once you begin to explore the choices offered, you will find that this is not only rich with information, but well-designed and well-organized navigationally, faced with so many choices, you won't have to fear being lost among the hyperlinks. And speaking of links, this site boasts an excellent collection, arranged both by subject and alphabetically... Also special is the Articles section, accessible with a click from the home page... and be impressed yet again at how much wonderful information is available within this site. And it's so easy to access. This site indeed provides a service in the truest sense of the word".

-- Audrey Pavia and Betsy Sikora Siino, authors of the book "Dogs On The Web".
Net Nerds -- The Internet Is Going To The Dogs

Review: "The American Dog Trainers Network has interesting articles and great links to help you get bowser under control."

-- Susan Ives, Alamo PC
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