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Try stuffing a kong with peanut butter when putting your dog in the crate.

01/2000 12 Tips for a Well Behaved Dog Robin Kovary
01/2000 Ask the TrainerRobin Kovary
01/2000 Cold WeatherRobin Kovary
01/2000 Dog TrainersRobin Kovary
01/2000 Dogwalkers and PetsittersRobin Kovary
01/2000 HousebreakingRobin Kovary
01/2000 Importance of SocializationRobin Kovary
01/2000 Protect Your Pet from Being Stolen Robin Kovary
01/2000 Responsible Pet CareRobin Kovary
01/2000 Safety TipsRobin Kovary
01/1999 15 Steps To Obedience Training and Proofing Your DogRobin Kovary
01/1999 AKC ObedienceRobin Kovary
01/1999 Canines in the Car Robin Kovary
01/1999 Crate TrainingRobin Kovary
01/1999 Dog LawsRobin Kovary
01/1999 Dog RunsRobin Kovary
01/1999 Hot WeatherRobin Kovary
01/1999 MisbehavingRobin Kovary
01/1999 Protecting Your Pet on Halloween Robin Kovary
01/1999 Separation AnxietyRobin Kovary
01/1999 Taming the Dominant DogRobin Kovary
01/1999 Why Train Your Dog? Robin Kovary
01/1998 AKC Canine Good CitizenRobin Kovary
01/1998 Endangered DogsRobin Kovary
01/1997 DiggingRobin Kovary
01/1996 Aggressive DogsRobin Kovary
01/1996 Destructive ChewingRobin Kovary
01/1996 How to Choose a Reputable BreederRobin Kovary
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