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Animal Abuse Law

Harsh treatment, kicking, beating, whipping, burning, intentionally injuring or terrorizing a pet or stray dog all constitute animal abuse.


Breed-Specific Legislation

Please visit our "Breed-Specific Legislation" page. [Note: The ADTN does not support breed-specific legislation.]



All dogs must remain confined to a safe secure fenced enclosure or facility, or leashed whenever on public property.


Dangerous Dog Law

Any dog which has been proven to have a propensity for unprovoked attacks towards any innocent persons when on public property, may be deemed a dangerous dog. Owners of such dogs must comply with the rules and restrictions mandated by their city or state "Dangerous Dog Law" (if one exists in their area).


Leash Law

All pet dogs must be leashed (6 foot maximum length) when on public property, except when within the confines of public dog runs, or when participating in certain dog-related events or competitions (including Flyball, agility, obedience trials, Schutzhund, etc). Police dogs, SAR dogs, bomb detection dogs, drug detection dogs, airport detection dogs, military dogs, etc. are all except under the law.



All puppies and dogs over 4 mths. of age must be lisensed (by the city where the owner resides).


Multiple Dog Ordinance

In some communities, it is illegal to own more than 3 dogs without a breeder's permit. [Note: The ADTN does not support this ordinance.]



Please see "What Is Responsible Pet Care?".


Nuisance Ordinance

Owners of dogs which engage in excessive and continous barking may be fined.


Pooper Scooper Law

Owners must clean up after ther dogs' feces when on any public/city property. (Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are exempt.)


Rabies Preventive Innoculation Law

All puppies and dogs over 6 mths. of age must be given a rabies vaccine, and a rabies booster shot (every 2-3 years thereafter).

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