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People in the Dog World Who Are Making A Real Difference

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I have compiled a list of outstanding people in the pet  care and animal welfare community. They deserve our recognition and admiration for making a real contribution to dogs and those that love them. (In alphabetical order):

Jeanne Balsam

Places abandoned and abused American Pit Bull Terriers in  responsible loving homes. Publishes an outstanding and  educational newsletter called "Pit Stop". Educates the  public about the true nature of the APBT. (NJ)

Chitra Besbroda

Rescues some of the city's most desperate dogs and cats.  Feeds, neuters and a provides responsible loving homes for abandoned pets, and junkyard dogs. (NY)

Jillian Cline and Mike Martindale

Authors of three beautiful hardcover books about many of  the wonderful American Pit Bull Terriers the media never  tells us about. (WA)

Flo Philips

Locates lost pets and returns them to their owners. Keeps  an extensive file on companion animal-related matters, and  news-worthy items of interest. (NY)

Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg is an experienced dog trainer and behavioral consultant. Her background in the Animal Control field has also given her a great deal of valuable information about both second-hand and mixed breed dogs. She offers a number of excellent seminars on a variety of topics, including how to teach the inductive retrieve, how to evaluate the temperament of shelter dogs, how to access a dog's prey and play drives, how to handle an aggressive dog, and how to determine a dog's breed mix (as well as activity level, fear of strangers, etc.). Sue directs a Doberman rescue club, places many dogs of various breeds and mixes in responsible loving homes, and has established a small animal shelter with an an almost home-like environment to help ease an animal's transition from shelter to new home. She also promotes humane education, and dog-friendly training methods.

a rainbow-colored separation bar 

"Two Paws Up!" GO TO:

  • Sue Sternberg and Rondout Valley Kennels for their  innovative Real-Life Room.
    To adopt a dog from Roundout Valley Kennels, contact them  at (914) 687-7619.

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