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"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you... I loved you so... 'twas heaven here with you."

                               -- Isla Paschal Richardson

Grief Counselors

Some of these professionals counsel by phone, while some counsel in person --
either privately or in group sessions.

[NOTE: There may be a charge for some services, so please inquire first.]

Susan Cohen
Animal Medical Center

Diane Davis, CSW

Charlene Douglas, MS, PhD
The Rainbow Passage,
Pet Loss Support and Bereavement Center
1528 E. River Rd.
Grafton, WI 53024

Carol Fudin


JoAnn Jarolman

Howard Kogan

Barbara Meyers
Holistic Animal Consulting Centre
Staten Island, NY

Barbara Newman

(800)404-PETS (no charge, long distance calls returned collect)
(609)667-1717 (local Southern NJ calls)

Pet Loss Foundation
Suite A23, 1312 French Rd.
Depew, NY 14043

Pet Loss Helpline
University of Florida
College of Veterinary Medicine

Pet Loss Support Hotline
University of California, Davis

Jamie Quackenbush
University of Pennsylvania

Howard Shapiro

Nancy Saxton-Lopez
(201)540-0100: crisis hotline
@ Morristown Memorial Hospital

Naomi Taicher, CSW
Pet Bereavement Group

Martha M. Tousley, R.N., M.S.
Bereavement Counselor
9818 East Ironwood Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

 Bereavement Helplines:

Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
(Leave voice mail message;
calls will be returned 7 PM - 9 PM, Central Time.
Long-distance calls will be returned collect)

Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline
(607)253-3932 (Tuesday-Thursday: 6PM - 9PM EST)

University of California-Davis
(M-F: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM, Pacific Time)

University of Florida
(904)392-4700, then dial 1 and 4080
(M-F: 7 PM - 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time)

Michigan State University
(Tuesday - Thursday: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM, EST)

Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
(Tuesday & Thursday: 6PM - 9PM, EST)

The Ohio State University
(Monday, Wednesday & Friday:
(6:30 PM - 9:30 PM, EST;
voice mail messages will be returned collect, during operating hours)

Tufts University
(Tuesday & Thursday: 6 PM - 9 PM, EST;
(Voice mail messages will be returned daily,
collect if outside Massachusetts)

Pet Loss Support Hotline
Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Books on Pet Loss & Bereavement:

Recommended Books

Absent Friend
Author: Lee

A Final Act Of Caring
Author: Montgomery

A Snowflake In My Hand
Author: Samantha Mooney

A Special Place For Charlee --
A Child's Companion Through Pet Loss
(Partners Through Publishing)

Coping With Sorrow On The Loss Of Your Pet
Author: Moira Anderson, M.Ed.
(Alpine Publications) ant

Children And Pet Loss
Author: Tousley

Dog Heaven
Author: Rylant

Euthanasia Of The Companion AnimaL
Authors: Susan Cohen and Others

Good-Bye My Friend -- Grieving The Death Of a Pet
Author: Montgomery

Healing The Pain of Pet Loss -- Letters In Memoriam
Editor: Kymberly Smith
Publisher: Charles Press

How To Survive The Loss of a Love
Author: Cosgrove

I'll Always Love You
Author: H. Willhelm
(Crown Publishing Group)

Losing Your Dog -- Coping With Grief When a Pet Dies
Author: Mickie Gustafson
(Bergh Publishing)

The Loss Of a Pet
Author: Wallace Sife, PhD

Maya's First Rose, Diary Of A Very Special Love
Author: Martin Scot Kosins
(Open Sky Books)

Pet Bereavement: Help for Grieving Owners
Edited by: Ruth R. King
Publisher: King's Medical Information Service

Pet Loss -- A Thoughtful Guide For Adults and Children
Author: Herbert A. Nieburg and Arlene Fischer
(Harper & Row)

Surviving The Heartbreak Of Choosing Death For Your Pet
Author: Linda Peterson
(Greentree Publishing)

What To Do When A Loved One Dies
Author: Eva Shaw
(Dickens Press)

Books For Children

Death Of A Pet -- Answers To Questions
For Children And Animal Lovers Of All Ages
Author: J.W. Potter
(Guideline Publications)

"Oh, Where Has My Pet Gone?"
A Pet Loss Memory Book
Author: Sally Sibbitt
(Libby Press)

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
Author: Judith Viorst

Books For Pet Bereavement Professionals

How To Start A Pet Loss Support Group
Author: Charlene Douglas
(People-Pet Partnership)

The Human-Animal Bond
Authors: Suzanne Hetts, PhD, Carolyn Butler and Laurel Lagoni

Articles & Vignettes

"Death In The Family: Helping With Pet Bereavement"
Author: Simon O'Donovan
Publication: Nursing Times (May 14, 1997, Volume 93, No. 20)

The Legend Of Rainbow Bridge
Author: William Britton

Bereavement Links

Forever Pets

Pet Loss Support Page
(Moira Anderson, M.Ed.)

Additional Resources

Delta Society


Cremation Urns

Forget-Me-Not Keepsakes

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