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   Disasterous Anti-Dog Legislation England's Dangerous Dog Act is, to date, the worst,
   most ill-concieved -- and ironically, dangerous -- piece of anti-dog legislation ever
   enacted. In addition to the DDA's stringent breed-specific restrictions which adversely
   effects several breeds of dog, the DDA threatens the lives of ALL breeds.

   Here are just a few aspects of the Dangerous Dog Act:

     1.If ANY dog (of ANY breed) either accidentally or intentionally injures, threatens,
        or even causes someone apprehension, the dog can be put to death, under this
        law! The DDA has already been responsible for numerous tragedies including the
        unnecessary deaths of innocent dogs and their owners.

     2.If a responsible dog owner doesn't comply with even the most minute aspect of
        the DDA -- even if it's proven that there was an important reason for the
        non-complience, the person's dog can be forcibly taken, held indefinitely in secret
        holding places, and even killed (at the dog owner's expense).

   Unjust and Inhumane
   Under the Dangerous Dog Act many friendly innocent dogs have been seized, held in
   secret locations for many months (even years!) without the owner even being allowed to
   visit, then, in many cases, killed! To add insult to injury, this was all done at the owner's

   Why? What terrible crimes did the owners commit to deserve such severe and painful
   punishment? What terrible things did the dogs do to deserve a death sentence? Here are
   the "reasons":

    The dog was not muzzled while riding with his owner in his owner's own car!

    The owner removed his dog's muzzle momentarily on public property to allow his dog
   to vomit! The dog was leashed, and not bothering ANYONE, but because the owner
   removed his dog's muzzle temporarily so that his dog wouldn't choke to death on his own
   vomit, the dog was seized, held for years without the owner being permitted to visit, and
   eventually killed.

    An owner's dog was siezed because his liability insurance ran out -- three days before!
   The owner had already sent in his money to renew, but the insurance was still technically
   considered invalid. So the dog was seized from the owner, held for years, then put to

   The DDA Has Caused Innocent Dog Owners (and Their Dogs) Immeasurable
   Pain & Suffering

   In several instances, the dogs' owners were so grief-stricken, they committed suicide
   when they heard the news that their dogs had been dogs destroyed.
   One can only wonder:

        Why should a dog pay with its life for a simple oversight or minor mistake
        his owner made?

        Don't the people responsible for the Dangerous Dog Act have any
        compassion or conscience at all?

        How many dogs and their owners have to suffer or die before the
        Dangerous Dog Act is finally overturned?

   The Endangered Dogs Association (and The Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue)
   desperately need your support to fight the effects this dreadful legislation. Please give
   generously to: The Endangered Dogs Association Amanda Dunckley P.O. Box 1554
   London, England W7 2ZB Tel: 0181-843-9751 Fax: 0181-571-6535

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