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Dr. Roger Abrantes

Lowell Ackerman, DVM
Dog Behavior And Training
Skin And Haircoat Problems In Dogs

Janine Adams
Pet Life (writer)

Robert K. Anderson, DVM
Dog Behavior And Training

Moira Anderson Allen

Ted Baer
How To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

Gwen Baily
Perfect Puppy

Nona Kilgore Bauer

Allan Bauman
Paw-sitive Dog Training, A Fun & Simple Guide

Ross Becker
Good Dog! (publisher, writer)

Susan Cope Becker

Carol Lea Benjamin
Dog Tricks (co-author)
This Dog For Hire

I van Blabanov
Co-author:  Advanced Schutzhund

Gwen Bohnenkamp
Help My Dog Has An Attitude

Sheila Booth
Schutzhund Obedience -- Training In Drive (co-author)

Peter Borchelt, PhD

Cynthia A. Branigan
Adopting The Racing Greyhound

Kathryn Braund

Kerry Brown, DVM
The Holilistic Guide For A Healthy Dog (co-author)

Mary Burch, PhD
Therapy Dogs
Off-Lead (magazine writer)

Patricia Gail Burnham
Playtraining Your Dog

Stephanie Calmenson
Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story

William Campbell, PhD
Better Behavior In Dogs
Behavior Problems In Dogs

Sherry Carpenter
Dog World -- CGC Update (columnist)

M. Shirley Chong

Bob Christiansen
Choosing A Shelter Dog

Gail Clark, PhD

Suzanne Clothier
Flying Dog Press (writer/publisher)

Barbara Cohen
Dogs And Their Women
Woman's Best Friend

Linda Colflesh
Making Friends -- Training Your Dog Positively

Paulette Cooper
277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know (co-author)

Andrew DePrisco
Canine Lexicon (co-author)

Kathy Diamond Davis
Responsible Dog Ownership

Gottfried Dildei
Schutzhund Obedience -- Training In Drive

Nicholas Dodman, PhD
The Dog That Loved Too Much

Jean Donaldson, PhD
The Culture Clash

Karen Duet
Co-author:  Advanced Schutzhund

Ian Dunbar, PhD
How To Teach An New Dog Old Tricks
Dr. Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book

Ed Eames

Toni Eames

John Fisher
Think Dog!
Why Does My Dog...?

Bruce Fogle
ASPCA's Complete Dog Training Manual
Know Your Dog

Jacqueline Fraser-O'Neil
The American Pit Bull Terrier

Linda Goodman

Lexiann Grant

Capt. Arthur Haggerty
Dog Tricks (co-author)
How to Get Your Pet into Show Business

Benjamin Hart
Canine & Feline Behavioral Therapy  (co-author)

Lynette Hart
Canine & Feline Behavioral Therapy  (co-author)

Sarah Hodgson

Katherine Houpt, DVM, PhD
Animal Health Newsletter -- Cornell University (editor)

Margorie Hudson
Dog Tricks & Fun

Roy Hunter
Fun & Games With Dogs
More Fun & Games With Dogs

Wayne Hunthausen, DVM

Connie Jankowski
(magazine writer)

Dawn Jecs
Choose To Heel

Susan Jeffries

James B. Johnson
Canine Lexicon (co-author)

Deborah Jones, PhD

Martha Kaplan
The New York Dog Owner's Guide

Alan Kazdin
Behavior Modification In Applied Settings

Robin Kovary
From Good Puppy To Great Dog!
How To Successfully Housetrain Your Dog

Marion Lane

Janet R. Lewis
Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs

Betty Liddick
Dog Fancy (magazine editor)

Deborah Loven-Grey
The Great New York Dog Book
Your Dog's Life

Dr. U. A. Luescher
Dog Training And Behavior (co-author)

Susan McElroy
Animals As Teachers And Healers

Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
How To Be The Leader Of The Pack (booklet)

Bardi McLennan
On Good Behavior
(magazine writer)

Donna L. Marcell
Dog World (magazine editor)

Barbara McKinney
Why Does My Dog Drink Out Of The Toilet? (co-author)

Bill Meisterfeld
Jelly Bean Vs. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Cynthia D. Miller
Creating A Peacable Kingdom -- How To Live With More Than One Pet
Canine Adventures -- Fun Things To Do With Your Dog*

Patti Moran
Pet Sitting For Profit

September Morn
Fetch The Paper (editor, writer)
Dogs Love To Please... We Teach Them How!

Dr. Peter Neville
Never Say No!

Paul Noble
277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know (co-author)

Valerie O'Farrell
Manual of Canine Behavior

Jacqueline O'Neil
Second Start: Creative Rehoming for Dogs

Paul Owens
The Dog Whisperer

Liz Palika
All Dogs Need Some Training
Save That Dog!

Audrey Pavia
Dogs On The Web (co-author)
(magazine writer)

Sharon Pfaumer
(magazine writer)

Karen Pryor
Don't Shoot The Dog!
Lads Before The Wind

Liz Quinlan
(writer, columnist)

Pamela Reid, PhD
Exel-erated Learning

John Rogerson
Taming The Dominant Dog (video)
The Instructor's Manual

Jane Rohman
The Dogs' Guide To New York City

Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse
Dog Tricks -- Step By Step (co-author)

John Ross
Why Does My Dog Drink Out Of The Toilet? (co-author)

Judith Reitman
Stolen For Profit

Karen Roy

Turid Rugaas
On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals

Terry Ryan
Alpha-betize Yourself (booklet)
Toolbox For Remodling Problem Dogs

Pat Santi

Jacque Schultz
Animal Watch (writer)

Charlotte Schwartz
Friend To Friend -- Dogs That Help Mankind
Training Your Dog -- For Sports & Other Activities

Mordecai Seigel
UC Davis' Book of Dogs

James Serpell
The Domestic Dog

Amy D. Shojai
(magazine writer)

Larry Shook
The Puppy Report

Betsy Sikora Siino
Dogs On The Web
(magazine writer)

Gina Spadafori
Dogs For Dummies
(magazine writer)

Morgan Spector
Clicker Training for Obedience
(Sunshine Books)

Louise Taylor
Woman's Best Friend (co-author)

Kim Thornton

Susan Thorpe Vargus

Daniel Tortora, PhD
Help! This Dog Is Driving Me Crazy
The Right Dog for You

Victoria Voith, PhD

Jack Volhard
Canine Good Citizen -- Every Dog Can Be One (co-author)
What All Good Dogs Should Know (co-author)

Wendy Volhard
Canine Good Citizen -- Every Dog Can Be One (co-author)
The Holilistic Guide For A Healthy Dog (co-author)

Peter Vollmer

Jan Walker
Dog Tricks -- Step By Step (co-author)

Chris Walkowicz
The Atlas of Dog Breeds of The World (co-author)
Old Dogs, Old Friends (co-author)

David Weston
Dog Training -- The Gentle Modern Method
Dog Problems -- The Gentle Modern Cure (co-author)

Bonnie Wilcox, DVM
The Atlas of Dog Breeds of The World (co-author)
Old Dogs, Old Friends (co-author)

Sarah Wilson
Child-Proofing Your Dog

Gary Wilkes
A Behavior Sampler
Dog Fancy (columnist)

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