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A CALL FOR DOGGIE PHOTOGRAPHS!! Would you like to see your dog's image gracing the pages of our web site, or being included in an upcoming book about dogs? If you have any wonderful photograghs of your dog (or other dogs), send us (up to ten) good clear quality photos of your (or someone else's) puppy or dog. There's no pay, but there's lots of glory!

Note: All photos being submitted should be interesting, well-lit, and have good contrast. (Both color and B+W photos are fine.)

We are particularly interested in photos of dogs doing agility, flyball, freestyle, obedience training (competition or functional), SAR, water rescue, schutzhund, animal assisted therapy, bomb or drug detection, tricks, playing and having fun, interacting with another dog, demonstrating aggressive behavior or doing something very mischievious (ie: jumping up to steal food from the table, chewing a shoe or pillow, etc.).

Please do not send us negatives or cherished photographs that cannot be replaced or duplicated!

Include the following info about each dog/photo on a separate piece of paper:
1) Your name, address and phone number(s), and e-mail address.
2) Dog's name, breed/mix, age and sex.
3) Any interesting or revelant info about your dog.
4) name of photographer (photo credit)

If any of your photographs are choosen, they will be displayed throughout this web site, or used in an upcoming book which should be published next summer.

Best wishes,

Robin Kovary


Mail your photographs to:

Robin Kovary
American Dog Trainers Network
161 West 4th St.
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10014


Copyright 1995 - 2000,  Robin Kovary

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Robin Kovary is the American Dog Trainers Network helpline director
 and canine behavioral consultant.