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Animal Behaviorists*

ABS Certified Behaviorists

Animal Behavior Society

Animal Behavior Society members:

Graham Adams, PhD
1 Olding Street
Melville, Western Australia 6156

Eli Barlia, PhD
Animal Behavior Institute
P.O. Box 251
Royal Oak, MI 48068

Kathryn A.L. Bayne, DVM, PhD
11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1211
Rockville, MD 20852-3035

Bonnie V. Beaver, DVM
Texas Veterinary Medical Center
College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-4473

Kim Barry, M.S.
(Associate Applied Animal Behaviorist)
Univ. of Georgia -- College of Veterinary Medicine,
Dept. of Anatomy and Radiology
Athens, GA 30602
(706)542-8343 (until 10/15/97)

Peter Borchelt, PhD
Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc,
2465 Stuart St.
Brooklyn, NY 11229
FAX: (718) 769-9394
Phone: (718) 891-4200

Mary Burch, PhD
2213 Napoleon Bonaparte Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Margaret R. Clarke, PhD
Tulane University ,
Dept. of Anthropology
1021 Audubon St.
New Orleans LA 70118

Sharon L. Crowell-Davis, DVM, PhD
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30206

Daniel Q. Estep, PhD
Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.
4994 S. Independence Way
Littleton, CO 80123

Debra L. Forthman, PhD
The Atlanta Zoo
800 Cherokke Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30315-1440

Linda Goodloe, PhD
345 W. 70th Street #6D
New York, NY 10023

Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, PhD
School of Veterinary Medicine --
University of California,
Dept. of Anatomy & Physiology
Davis, CA 95616

Suzanne Hetts, PhD
Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.
4994 S. Independence Way
Littleton, CO 80123-1906

Katherine A. Houpt, VMD, PhD
College of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Physiology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14852-6401

Suzanne B. Johnson, PhD
Animal Behavior Associates
P.O. Box 27
Beaverdam, VA 23015

Kennon A. Lattal, PhD
Department of Psychology
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26505-6040

U.A. Luescher, DVM, PhD
Purdue University, Dept. of Vet. Clinic Sci.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1248

Amy Marder, PhD

Patricia McConnell, PhD
Dog's Best Friend
P.O. Box 447
Black Earth, WI 53515

Sue M. McDonnell, PhD
University of PA., School of Veterinary Medicine
New Bolton Ctr.
Kennett Square, PA 19348
(610)444-5800 (x2221)

Karen Overall, DVM, PhD
School of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Clinical Studies - Phil.
3900 Delancey S.t
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6010

Richard H. Polsky, PhD
Animal Behavior Counseling Services
2288 Manning Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Pamela Reid, PhD
Pet Behavior Innovations
63 Vanevery St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M8V1Y5

Melissa Shyan, PhD
Butler University , Dept. of Psychology
4600 Sunset Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Barbara S. Simpson, DVM, PhD
The Veterinary Behavior Clinic
6045 US Hwy 1 North
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Dennis C. Turner, ScD
I.E.T., Institut fuer angewandte
Ethologie und Tierpsychologie
8816 Hirzel, Switzerland
(*41 1) 729 92 27

Victoria L. Voith, DVM, PhD
Applied Animal Behavior Consultants
1407 Business Center Ct.
Dayton, OH 45410

John C. Wright, PhD
Mercer University, Psychology Dept.
1400 Coleman Ave.
Macon, GA 31207


    * The above-mentioned individuals have been professionally certified by the Animal Behavior Society as Applied or Associate Applied Animal Behaviorists. Certification constitutes recognition by the Animal Behavior Society that, to its best knowledge, the individual meets the educational, experiential and ethical standards required by the Society for professional Applied Animal Behaviorists.


Behaviorists and Behavioral Consultants**

Roger Abrantes

Bob Baily

Allan Bauman

Marian Breland-Bailey

M. Shirley Chong
Grinnell, Iowa

Robin Kovary

Steve Lindsay

Peggy Moran

Karen Pryor

Terry Ryan

Morgan Spector

Sue Sternberg

Daniel Tortora, PhD

Joel Walton

Gary Wilkes


    ** While these animal behaviorists are not ABS certified, they are qualified and highly respected behaviorists (or behavioral consultants).


Animal Behavior Links

Applied Animal Behavior
(Animal Behavior Society)


Animal Behavior Organizations

Animal Behavior Society


Universities, Colleges and Other Educational Institutions

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
Dr. Debra Horwitz, Secretary/Treasurer
Veterinary Behavior Consultations
253 S. Graeser Road
St. Louis, MO. 63141

American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
Dr. Katherine Houpt, Secretary
Dept. of Physiology
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithica, NY 14853-6401

Animal Behavior Society
Dr. Janis Driscoll
Dept. of Physiology
Campus P.O. Box 173364
Denver CO. 80217-3364

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